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Four Places Not to Use a Plugged-in Device

Graphic illustration of plugged-in phone on blue background

We use our cell phones, tablets and other devices so often that they feel like an extension of our hands. There are a few places where using a device that is plugged into an outlet can be hazardous, however.

Do not use a cell phone or other device when it is plugged into an outlet when you:

  • Are in or near a pool or hot tub. Water and electricity are a deadly combination. Electrical current running through water can cause shock or electrocution.

  • Are in the tub or by the sink. Never extend your cell phone or device so that you can reach it while bathing; also, do not plug it in near standing or running water.

  • Are in bed or other soft places. A device can overheat when placed on or under a pillow or soft bedding. Also, charging cubes and cords can malfunction, causing burns, shock or other serious injuries.

  • Hear thunder or lightning. Lightning can cause power surges that are not only harmful to electrical (charging) devices but also to you.

Source: Safe Electricity


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