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Energy Effeciency Rebates

Rebates effective January 1, 2024.
Western Iowa Power Cooperative's rebate program is available to any member of the cooperative. Have questions about rebates?
Contact us. 

Iowa Cooperatives have a long history of supporting energy efficiency, in fact, we have been offering cost-effective energy efficiency programs since the late 1980s! These programs include anything from rebates to other incentives for various energy-efficient products such as water heaters, appliances, and heating/cooling.*

We offer rebates for our residential members, as well as our agricultural and commercial members. To find out more about what rebates WIPCO has to offer, please click on one of our rebate brochures below.

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Appliance Recycling Program


Do you have an old operating refrigerator or freezer that you would like to throw out? Western Iowa Power Cooperative will pay you to recycle your appliance. WIPCO's "pull the plug" program will pay you a $50 rebate to remove that working, inefficient appliance! 

"Pull the Plug" - How to Get a $50 Rebate on Qualifying Appliances

  • Member must agree to remove and recycle qualifying appliances via an approved and certified appliance de-manufacturer or drop-off location. Member must do this him/herself, WIPCO will not remove appliances. 

  • After removal and disposal of said appliance(s), member must complete the form and upload a picture of their receipt from certified appliance recycling center. 

Members are eligible to receive up to three (3) $50 rebates for qualifying appliances in a calendar year. 

To find local appliance recycling centers, click here

Already "pulled the plug"? Submit your form here! 

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