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Sunset on Solar Panels

Solar Options

At Western Iowa Power Cooperative, we are Western Iowa's leaders in solar. Solar electricity is another form of alternative energy; using sunlight to generate electricity. Whether you're interested in installing a solar energy system, or just curious on the facts, Western Iowa Power Cooperative will be with you every step of the way.

WIPCO's Cooperative Solar Program

We understand that not everyone has an ideal location for solar, or maybe you are looking to invest in renewables on a smaller scale. Cooperative Solar may be the right fit for you. 

This program has been created to allow Members an opportunity to assist the Cooperative in developing solar facilities, the output of which will displace energy generated from other generating units, including fossil fuel units. 

On-Site Solar Options

Interested in installing solar on your property? Work with someone that has your best interest in mind. No one understand the use of energy better than our team! With over 50 years of experience in the electrical wiring business, the employees at WIPCO are your energy experts. 

  1. How long has [Company] been in business?

  2. How long have you been installing solar?

  3. How many installs have you done? 

  4. What is your install timeframe?

  5. Do you have other customers I could contact? 

  6. What licenses and insurance does your company have? (Contractor Licenses, liability insurance, worker's compensation)?

  7. Will you handle all necessary work, or will you be subcontracting? 

  8. Do you have a commercial facility or warehouse location where you keep a solar inventory?

  9. Who will be working with my utility? company?

  10. Who will be setting up the inspection and ensure it gets approved? 

Why Choose WIPCO?

WIPCO has been installing solar since 2014. We have professionally installed over 5 megawatts and continue to lead installs for Western Iowa. We are your Western Iowa leaders in solar. 


View our Solar Frequently asked Questions or speak with our member services department about your solar needs! 

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