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Electrical Safety

Learn more about electrical safety with tips provided by Western Iowa Power Cooperative and Safe Electricity. 

Call us. 

Call Western Iowa Power Cooperative Immediately if you see an electrical hazard. Our phones are answered 24/7/365. Please do not reach out to us on Facebook, email, or through our website in case of an emergency; these platforms are not monitored 24/7. 

Have an Emergency Plan.

Have a family emergency plan outlining what to do in case of an electrical emergency. For example, call 911 for injuries or electrical fires, and stay away from any downed power lines. 

Know What to do When Accidental Contact with a Power Line Occurs. 

Follow safety procedures if your equipment or vehicle comes in contact with a power line. 

  1. Try to drive out from under it if you are able. 

  2. Stay in place and have someone call for help immediately. 

  3. If you must leave the vehicle, jump clear with without making contact with the ground and vehicle at the same time. 

Be Careful when Completing Basic Home Repairs or Renovations. 

Install and repair electrical outlets and appliances using precautions and safety measures, including shutting off power (and testing to be sure power is off), safety equipment and tools, and/or hiring a licensed electrician to do the job. 

Fun Fact: WIPCO has a whole team of electricians ready to tackle any project! 

Keep Items Away from Power Lines.

Plant trees at least 30 feet away from power lines so the tree won't eventually grow in the lines. Be aware of power line locations when moving farm equipment and know what to do if you come in contact with lines. Finally, keep all objects, (ladders, farm equipment, etc.) at least 10 feet away from power lines. 

Let WIPCO Handle it.

Never attempt to remove items (fallen tree branches, kites, etc) from power lines or try to move or raise electric lines. Instead, call Western Iowa Power Cooperative at 712-263-2943 or 1-800-253-5189 for assistance. 

Wild Fire

NIPCO's Five to Stay Alive Campaign


First responders are the first in line and their safety is on the line. In November of 2021, Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative (WIPCO's power supplier) launched the "NIPCO's Five to Stay Alive" electrical fire safety campaign geared toward emergency first responders, especially those in Western Iowa. The safety campaign was created to educate Western Iowa police, fire, and emergency management services (EMS) personnel on NIPCO's five safety protocols to follow when responding to incidents on NIPCO's or its Members' power lines. 

To protect the public, members of police, fire, and EMS departments should not jeopardize their own safety, which can happen quickly when electric substations and transmission lines are involved. 

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