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Switch Makes Cents Load Management Program

The Switch Makes Cents load management program operates year-round, and follows a seasonal strategy to reduce NIPCO's system peak by as much as 20 megawatts (MW) in the summer and 12 MW in the winter...the equivalent of powering approximately 3,200 homes! This is done by reducing total demand during times of peak-use, generally between 6-10AM and 3-9PM, when people are commonly at home running washers, dryers, dishwashers, air conditioners, heaters and so on.

Your Cooperative must have enough electricity ready to meet the period of highest demand. Periods of highest demand usually occur midday to late afternoon in the summer and early to mid-morning and mid-afternoon to late evening in the winter. If we can reduce the level of demand for electricity during times of peak use, we all will benefit!

WIPCO's load management program, Switch Makes Cents, offers members a chance to help reduce peak demands for electricity with little effect on their lifestyle. Switch Makes Cents also means lower rates to the member in return for allowing the Cooperative to control such equipment as electric heat, specific types of electric water heaters (for example, tankless water heaters are ineligible, so please check with us to learn what qualifies), air conditioners, and irrigation systems. By controlling load use, WIPCO realizes savings on our wholesale power costs allowing us to pass that savings to our participating members through the lower Switch Makes Cents rates.

With Switch Makes Cents, you can help hold down the cost of your home heating, shop heating, electric water heating, air conditioning, and irrigation.

Ready to sign up? Or want more information?

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