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A Tesla Model 3 was purchased in February 2020 by WIPCO. We have always viewed ourselves as a valued source of information when it comes to energy sources, energy usage and new and emerging energy technologies. 


The Tesla model 3 will allow WIPCO to provide real life answers and data when it comes to owning an electric vehicle in our rural areas. We look forward to sharing what we learn and help you make an educated decision when it’s time for your next vehicle.​

Let’s compare cost of a Tesla Model 3, a SUV and a Sedan for the same trip.

Denison to Onawa is 46.8 miles (93.6 RT)


Fuel $ 2.50 per gallon

Electricity $ .1374 per kWh

SUV averaging 25 MPG

Sedan averaging 36 MGP

Tesla averaging 3 MGPe

The Tesla had a 64% fuel savings over the SUV averaging 25 MPG.
The Tesla achieved a 48% fuel savings over the sedan at 36 MPG.

Want to Learn More?

When it comes to Electric Vehicles, there are several options on the market.


Electric & Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Charging Stations is a resource with a database of over 50,000 charging stations that can help EV and PHEV owners find charging stations throughout the country. The PlugShare application allows a user to find a charging station, charging station photos, view the PlugScore and check out the latest charging tips for the EV and PHEV owners and more. The application is free and available for IOS and Android users.

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