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Western Iowa Power Cooperative is your trusted energy partner and should be your first stop whenever you have a question about renewable energy. Renewable energy is energy generated from natural resources--such as sunlight, wind, and geothermal heat.

We will listen to your needs and give you an honest usage evaluation. If you choose to move forward with renewable energy for your home, farm or business, we will design, install and maintain it for the life of the system.

Give our Member Service team a call at 800-253-5189.

You having the knowledge to make an educated decision is our priority.

Speak With Someone About Solar

Looking for more information? Please fill out the form and someone from our Member Service team will be in contact...

Renew-A-Watt Program

Want to be 100% renewable without an upfront investment?

Lock in your rate for 10 years?

Deadline to sign up...

Cooperative Solar

Protect yourself from future energy price increases by subscribing to WIPCO's Cooperative Solar.

All the benefits without installing at your...

Onsite Solar Options

WIPCO can help determine if onsite solar is the right choice for you.

When are you using the energy? What is...

Why Choose WIPCO to Install?

No one knows energy usage better than your cooperative. We are more than just a utility, we are your energy...

Be Sure to Ask These Questions

You having the knowledge to make an educated decision is our priority. Click each category to discover the questions you...