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Electricity is a powerful resource, but it can be dangerous. At Western Iowa Power Cooperative, we are committed to keeping you as safe as we can. An important part of that commitment is electrical safety education.

Electrical Safety Tips

Top 10 list of electrical safety tips.

Farm Safety

Here are some reminders about electrical dangers on the farm.

Generator Safety

Keep these things in mind when using a generator.

Grain Bin Clearances

Contact Western Iowa Power Cooperative if you are planning to install a new grain bin (or move an existing one). 


Iowa One Call

Iowa One Call - Call before you dig!

Safety Demonstrations

WIPCO employees provide electrical safety, energy efficiency, and career demonstrations.

Spring & Summer Storm Preparation & Power Outages

Prepared for spring and summer storms?

Winter Storm Preparation & Weathering a Power Outage

Prepared for winter weather? Read more on how to keep your family safe and comfortable during a winter storm.



A 2020 Tesla 3 has been added to WIPCO's fleet of vehicles.