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Celebrating 12 Days of WIPCO Rebates!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

A line up of modern home appliances.

As the holiday season approaches, Western Iowa Power Cooperative (WIPCO) is ushering in the spirit of giving with our 12 Days of WIPCO Rebates. Get ready to embark on the 12 Days of Rebates, where each day brings a new opportunity to make your home cozier, more efficient, and your wallet happier!

A two-door fridge.

Day 1: On the 1st day of WIPCO Rebates, my new fridge gave to me: a $25 rebate for energy-saving glee! Upgrade your kitchen this holiday season with a brand new Energy Star fridge and unwrap the gift of savings.

Day Two: On the 2nd day of WIPCO Rebates, warm up your winter with toasty savings! Unwrap up to $500 in savings when you install a new Marathon Water Heater – the gift that keeps on giving!

Day Three: On the 3rd day of WIPCO Rebates, give the gift of coziness with 30% back on General Building Insulation! Wrap your home in warmth this season and let the savings snowball.

Day Four: Looking into buying an electric vehicle? On the 4th day of WIPCO Rebates, charge up your savings with up to 50% back on a Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger for your home! Transform your driveway into a holiday charging haven and jingle all the way to more efficiency.

Day Five: On the 5th day of WIPCO Rebates, let's make laundry day merrier! Get $50 back when you bring home an Energy Star Certified Washer – the gift that cleans and saves green!

Day Six: On the 6th day of WIPCO Rebates, let's bring the warmth of savings home with Geothermal Magic! Receive up to $1,400 back per ton when you invest in a Geothermal Heating and Cooling System! Save up to $10,000 in rebates for homes and $75,000 for commercial or industrial buildings! – the gift that keeps on giving comfort and efficiency!

Calculating your home's needs is as easy! Estimate 1 ton per 600-800 sq. ft. for heating and cooling comfort.

Day Seven: On the 7th day of WIPCO Rebates, chill out with cool savings! Get $25 back when you unwrap a brand new Energy Star Certified Freezer – the addition your holidays deserve!

Day Eight: On the 8th day of WIPCO Rebates, warm up your space and your savings with our Air-to-Air Heat Pump deal Get up to $700 back per ton when you install this energy-efficient solution. Plus, did you know? WIPCO not only offers the rebate but also sells and installs Air-to-Air Heat Pumps for your convenience!

Day Nine: On the 9th day of WIPCO Rebates, let the dishes do the talking! Get $25 back when you upgrade to a new Energy Star Dishwasher – because a sparkling clean kitchen deserves sparkling savings!

Day Ten: On the 10th day of WIPCO Rebates, we're turning up the savings with our Energy Star Certified Ductless Mini-Split deal! Save up to $700 per ton, and let's break it down – imagine a 3-ton mini-split, that's a cool $2,100 back in your pocket! Transform your home into a year-round comfort zone without breaking the bank.

Day Eleven: On the 11th day of WIPCO Rebates, we're spinning up the savings with $25 back when you upgrade to a new Energy Star Dryer! Keep your clothes and your budget fresh with this fantastic deal.

Day Twelve: On the 12th day of WIPCO Rebates, we're bringing the cool factor with $100 savings per unit when you install an Energy Star Certified Central Air Conditioning Unit! Don't let the summer heat catch you off guard – invest in comfort and efficiency while enjoying substantial savings.

New Year, New Appliances! If you've unwrapped the gift of energy-efficient upgrades during our 12 Days of Rebates, don't forget to turn in your receipts ASAP for 2023 rebates! Your savings journey doesn't end here – stay tuned for exciting 2024 rebates coming soon! Let's make your home more efficient and your wallet happier.

To turn in a 2023 rebate, or to find more information on the rebates listed above, click the link below to view our rebates page!

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