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Report An Outage

Power outages seldom occur; however, weather, animal contact, tree branch contact or equipment failure can cause interruptions to your electric service. If you experience a power outage, here’s what to do . . .

1. Check your fuses or circuit breakers. If you have partial power, the trouble is probably within your own system.

2. Check with your neighbors to see if they are also out of power.

3. Report the Outage. To report an outage, telephone the Cooperative office--24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the Onawa area call 800-279-4107 or 712-433-1622. In the Denison area call 800-253-5189 or 712-263-2943. Please give your name, your location number (found on your billing statement), and report anything that might be helpful to our crews such as lights blinking before they went out, lines and/or poles down, sparks on a pole, trees in the line, etc.

4. Unplug major appliances and electrical equipment. This will help prevent damage when power is restored. Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed.

5. Leave a light switch on so you will know when the service has been restored.

6. Be patient. Once you have called in an outage, please be patient. Our crews work to restore power as quickly as possible. However, if at any time you have questions about power restoration or to report trouble, please call one of our office numbers.

It is important to report your outage. Your information helps us determine the source of an outage and speeds the restoration process.

Web-based power outage information available

Information about widespread power outages affecting Western Iowa Power Cooperative Members is available on our Web site

Iowa Co-ops Outage Map
Iowa Rural Electric Cooperative outage map

This Web resource provides a statewide view of power outages at electric cooperatives that deliver electricity in each of the state’s 99 counties to approximately 650,000 Iowans.

When you log onto the power outage tool, you will see a map of Iowa. You can view the information in several different views, and it will automatically refresh every 10 minutes, so it will reflect the most recently entered information from the electric co-ops. The website also provides safety information. When only a few WIPCO members are without power, the Web site may not necessarily reflect that information.

Call Iowa One Call before you dig

Any time you plan to dig, whether as part of a homeowner project or a construction job, please call Iowa One Call at least 48 hours prior to digging -- it’s free and it’s the law. One Call will contact WIPCO locators, who will mark WIPCO’s underground lines to the meter. Member-owned private underground lines past the meter will not be marked. The services of a private contractor should be sought for locating member-owned electric lines.

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