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We Strive for Safety: Yours and Ours

  • Posted: 04.23.2018
Lineman in a bucket near poles
We commit to safe, affordable and reliable electricity for you.

To thrive—and even to stay alive—we must stay safe. And while many companies claim that the safety of their employees and the public they serve is their highest priority, too often the bottom line or shortcuts in safety measures puts consumers’ safety at risk. That’s when disasters can happen.

It’s different at our cooperative: Safety is our number one concern: the safety of our employees, those who belong to our community and you, our members. Our promise is to provide safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible electricity to you. Every single day, we strive to deliver affordable and reliable electricity to our member-owners, but equally important, we want to return our workers home safely to their loved ones. To do this requires ongoing focus, dedication and vigilance.

How and Why We Promise Safety
Working with electricity is a dangerous job, especially for our line workers. Our cooperative has a safety team to focus on keeping employees and our members safe around electricity. We have established and follow safety protocols based on leading national safety practices for the utility industry.

We require our line workers to wear specialized equipment when working next to or with power lines. Our crew members recognize how important it is to protect each other as well as themselves, and they keep an eye on safety issues and speak up if there are any potential problems.

The safety of our members also rests on our shoulders. Again, our safety practices and procedures are set in place to protect your safety and your family’s safety, too.

Because we live and work in the community we serve, we care about all of our neighbors, both members of our cooperative and those who are not. Our staff members offer electrical safety programs in schools and for community events. We also provide this information to local law enforcement and first responders as well as taking our message of electrical safety to county fairs and the Iowa State Fair.

National Electrical Safety Month
May is National Electrical Safety Month. Each year, thousands of people in the United States are critically injured or killed as a result of electrical fires, accidents and electrocution in their own homes or on the job. Many of these accidents are preventable. We do not want our members or others in our community to be among those statistics.

While we are doing all we can to protect you, please respect electricity as we do, and look out for yourself and your family:

  • Don’t attempt electrical DIY projects or overload your outlets
  • Report downed power lines, unlocked substations or pad-mounted transformers that look amiss
  • Contact us to provide a safety demonstration at your school or community event