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Space heater

Portable Heater Safety

  • Posted: 12.17.2019

When winter hits with full force, our home may need a boost of heat beyond our furnace system. A portable heater offers relief but use it safely.

Lit candles

Candle Safety

  • Posted: 11.25.2019

Candles throw off a warm glow, lighting your dinner table or brightening your holiday décor. However, an open flame is a fire danger.

Smart Outlet Strip with bow on it

Give a Smart Holiday Gift

  • Posted: 11.25.2019

These smart products also make smart presents, as their energy savings and convenience are gifts that keep on giving.

woman ironing

Beware of Appliance Fires

  • Posted: 10.23.2019

The number of appliances that can cause fires is larger than you might imagine. Find out how and why these electrical helpers can turn deadly.

Chuck Soderberg

It's Time to Stop a Taxing Problem for Rural Iowa

  • Posted: 10.23.2019

Tax law changes create risks for raising rates for members of electric cooperatives: a perspective by Chuck Soderberg, executive vice president and general manager of Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives.