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Gift card wrapped in a bow

Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

  • Posted: 01.23.2018

Gift cards and certificates are a common holiday gift. If you received one or several for Christmas, or plan to give a Valentine's Day gift, check out these cautions from the Iowa Attorney General’s office.

Reading by the light of a lamp

Lighting for Aging Eyes

  • Posted: 01.22.2018

As we age, our eyes change, and our lighting needs change. Get tips on lighting for safety and better vision from the experts.


Generators: Purchasing and Safety

  • Posted: 12.19.2017

If you are thinking of purchasing a generator, here’s info about the size you’ll need to power the critical appliances in your home, and safety suggestions, too.

icicles hanging from a roof

Avoid the Dangers of Ice Dams

  • Posted: 12.19.2017

Typical Iowa winter weather can mean a load of snow sitting up on your roof. If heat is leaking out of your house, that snow can cause a common winter problem called “ice damming.”