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Prairie Winds Alternative Energy Program

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Contribute to Alternate Energy Development

Western Iowa Power Cooperative offers an alternate energy purchase program. The Prairie Winds green energy program allows WIPCO members to voluntarily contribute to the development of alternate energy production facilities. Alternate energy production facilities may include wind energy, biomass, solar energy and other nontraditional generation technologies. All of the money collected from customers participating in the green pricing program will be used to develop alternate energy production facilities.

Through this program members will not be directly purchasing alternate energy but rather participating in the future development of these resources. Your participation ensures that purchases will be made from alternate energy production facilities for delivery into the system of Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative (NIPCO), WIPCO’s power supplier; but we cannot ensure that the electrons purchased will be utilized to meet your individual energy needs.

Some highlights of the program include:

  1. Available to members within any of our rate classifications.
  2. Members can contribute on a monthly basis by paying the additional amount with your monthly electric bill.
  3. The price for a contribution toward a block of 100 kWhs is $.20.
  4. The contribution will be in addition to the Member’s normal electric bill and not a substitute for any charges thereunder.

Once you have signed up, your participation will continue at the same level until you notify us that you wish to change the amount of your contribution or end your participation in the program. The minimum sign-up period is 12 months.

Join the Prairie Winds Alternative Energy Program

Please specify the total number of 100 kilowatt-hour blocks you wish to purchase each month. Remember, each block is an additional $0.20 investment in not only the environment, but in the future of renewable energy.

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