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Green Normal Conditions

Your cooperative is currently experiencing normal energy demand. No special energy saving measures are necessary.

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Important meter information for WIPCO members

Overhead/Underground Line

The point of interconnection is usually past the meter socket for single-phase services. 

Member-Owner's Responsibility

  1. Tripped breaker or blown fuses below the meter or in any building
  2. Bad connection on entrance to buildings or house
  3. Wrapped or broken wires on the member-owner's side of the meter pole
  4. Tree or tree branches in wires on member-owner's side of the meter pole

Note: Iowa law requires that you call IOWA ONE CALL 48 hours prior to excavating. Any time you plan to excavate, whether it's a small or large construction project, call 811 or 1-800-292-8989.

Western Iowa Power Cooperative's Responsibility

  • Line outages (caused by lightning, storms, ice, trees, wind, broken wires, broken poles, broken insulators, animals, faulty primary underground)
  • Primary fuses on transformers or line tops
  • Failed transformers
  • Substation outages

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