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Your cooperative is currently experiencing normal energy demand. No special energy saving measures are necessary.

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Update Your Contact Information

Would we reach you during an outage with the contact information we have on file for you? If not, please update your information now! Call our office at 800-253-5189 and update your information over the phone or print out this account update information PDF file, fill out the top portion, and mail it back to us at PO Box 428, Denison IA 51442.

Access My Account

Want to pay your bill online? Looking for ways to control your energy use?

Access My Account is a secure part of our website where you will see these links:

  • Your Account Information - Account number, name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, and current balance plus an option to make a one-time payment with your credit card.
  • Your Account Maintenance- Request password change, light maintenance, change name/mailing address, letter of credit, or contact request.
  • Your Financial Information - Statements you received and payments you made over the past 13 months. Statements are shown as links, which you may click on to display and print if necessary. Be aware of how much energy you use each month and how it is being used in your home, your business or on your farm.
  • Your Services - Lists services you are billed for and allows you to select a service and see consumption and costs.
  • Your Customer Service Programs - Here you can view available customer service programs. Examples are ACH - bank draft, budget billing, life support notification, auto credit card, and E-bill notification via e-mail.

Download a step-by-step pdf file on how to set up an online account.

Having trouble logging into Access My Account?

If you are having trouble accessing the login page using our Access My Account link please try using another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

If needing to install, please click the Firefox icon below. Once installed please access your account through your new browser.

When prompted click Run followed by choosing Install when you reach the install wizard. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please call our office at 1-800-253-5189 if you are needing assistance.


Payment Options

WIPCO has many different options to pay your electric bill. Use the option that works best for you!


Important information about WIPCO's electric meters installed on your property.


A listing of some of the Cooperative's fees.


We offer programs that save money, help others, and promote green energy!


As a not-for-profit utility organized, owned, and governed by its consumers, Western Iowa Power Cooperative allocates back to its member-owners...


Western Iowa Power Cooperative offers dependents of member-owners scholarship opportunities.

Co-op Connections Discount Card

The Co-op Connections Card offers member-owners discounts at participating local businesses, national discounts, prescription discounts and more.