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Win inputs to farm 40 acres of corn free* or farm 40 acres of soybeans free*

Rules and Regulations: You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. You must be an active farmer with at least 40 acres in production*. Prize packages are not transferable. No exchanges or substitutions. Producers winning 40 acres will be followed and publicized throughout the year. One (1) semifinalist winner per family. (i.e., Family Farm, Trust or Corporation). There will be two separate winners: 1 for Farm 40 Free Corn and 1 for Farm 40 Free Soybeans. Each participating business will have 1 semi-finalist winner who wins a semi-finalist prize from that business and is an automatic finalist for one of the 2 Grand Prizes. All registrations are property of KDSN Radio Station and are NOT sold, given to any business or entity for the purpose of soliciting any individual who signs up for KDSN Radio Station’s Farm 40 Free.

The production of agriculture continues to be #1 in west central Iowa…..KDSN continues to be the only media that promotes agriculture with “Farm 40 Free,” where two producers will win all the inputs to Farm 40 Acres of Corn or 40 Acres of Soybeans absolutely free, thanks to KDSN’s participating sponsors.

Deadline to register is March 1, 2023. Complete the registration form below or contact WIPCO’s office at 800-253-5189 for contest entry information.

Disclaimer: KDSN Radio Station reserves the right to change, modify or discontinue this contest without advance notice to KDSN listeners or advertisers. In the case of any dispute, all decisions will be made by KDSN Management and are FINAL. No purchase necessary to enter.

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