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Appliance Recyling Program

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Have you purchased or recycled a qualifying appliance? Submit your claim and required receipts online. Any questions, feel free to contact our office.

Do you have an old operating refrigerator or freezer that you would like to get rid of? Western Iowa Power Cooperative will pay you to recycle your appliance. WIPCO's "Pull the Plug" program will pay you a $50 rebate to remove that working, inefficient appliance!

"Pull the Plug" (consumer self-removal of appliance): $50 Rebate on qualifying appliances
  • Member agrees to remove and recycle qualifying appliances via an approved and certified appliance de-manufacturer or drop-off location.

  • Participants of WIPCO's "Pull the Plug" program will receive a $50 rebate, per qualifying appliance, up to three (3) appliances, per calendar year.

Appliance(s) must be clean, empty, and in working order when recycled/dropped off at a certified location. A copy of receipt by the certified vendor/landfill/recycler must accompany the "Pull the Plug" rebate application form (available from our office). Company/facility must specify appliance type in writing.

PDF brochure with list of Certified Recycling drop-off locations in western Iowa

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